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Welcome to Wigs by Suzette Hair Replacement Center, our company offers a variety of styles to women and men and children that have experienced scalp disorders and hair loss.

Wigs by Suzette were created to help educate those that wear wigs or weaves on proper care of the hair and scalp. It is our goal to help Cancer patients while undergoing chemotherapy to maintain a positive attitude and look.

Our company offers quality wigs and weaves extensions and medical hairpiece for any type of scalp disorders and chemotherapy clients. It has come to our attention that more education is needed to help maintain a healthy life style, so we’ve come up with a solution of making custom wigs and medical wigs that fit the needs of today's women and men that experience sensitive issues.  It has been brought to our attention that some of our clients are allergic to the fibers used in some wigs or they can’t find the style or fit they’re looking for.

Wigs by Suzette aim to meet the personal needs of their clients by giving back the look and comfort that allows them to Look Good and Feel Great! 


We make each wig with 100% Human Hair with no quality blend. Each wig is made custom just for you and each stitch is by hand and with Love.

If you are in need or know someone please feel free to call or email.


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