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Correct Diet to help with hair loss

Stress due to Hair Loss

Chemotherapy related hair loss

Hair loss is considered  to be a difficult aspects of cancer treatment.  Issues of hair loss effect ones self-image and  self-esteem, and the lost of hair can lead to  emotional upset and depression.  Education  with  an understanding  to  what options are available will help to make  suitable choices  for you.

Each individual's  experience is different with advance awarness and being educated will help  prepare in advance will support you in dealing with the cosmetic issues of the cancer treatment experience.

Determine in advance the amount of hair loss, if any, you can expect.

Chemotherapy related hair loss is usually temporary, depending on the type of treatment you receive. Hair loss may occur during the first few weeks after your first treatment and will begin to grow back a month or so after your final treatment. The growing process will seem slow at first, since few of us have ever experienced near total hair loss before. The color and texture may seem different than you remember, do not worry, it almost always returns to its original condition and color.

A hair prosthetic (wig) may be the most emotionally supportive investment you make during your treatment. Looking as much like “you” as possible will contribute to your overall comfort and self-esteem. Advance preparation may be the key to your success with your hair needs. Your physician, nurse or oncologist would be a place to start. They may have information regarding hair loss consultants in your area. Should you decide to participate in a support group, speak with others in the group about their experience and request referral information.