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Wigs By Suzette Hair Replacement Center
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Correct Diet to help with hair loss

Stress due to Hair Loss

Custom Fit , Custom  units

 Confidential Consultation Hair Prosthesis is covered by Most Health Insurance companies And Pay Flex Cards are accepted. Also Online Training  and Certification Classes 

 P2P Certification & Training  Institute is Now  A Certification Site  for  Classes  101-401 and Setting up Hair Replacement Center  and Clinic .

Wigs By Suzette Hair Replacement Center  excepts most insurances for Scalp Treatment . Please contact us for our list of clinical treatment & Products  

Dr. Suzette T. Robinson By Appointments Only
for office visits call   205 578-2334 or 205 503-9916  or email wigsbysuzette64@gmail.com

For School info email p2pcertification.combecome-a-member3Dr. Suzette T. Robinson is Commissed and  Board Certified with American Association of Drugless Practitioners